Sunday, October 28, 2012

❀ Book Review ❀

Hello, everyone - did you have a great week?

Today I've decided to do a book review on Bruchko:
 Bruchko is an autobiography, written by Bruce Olson, about his adventures and trials in evangelizing to the savage Indians of Colombia.
 No one believed nineteen-year-old Bruce would survive when he said he was going to bring the word of Jesus Christ to the stone-age tribe of South Americans, named the Motilones.
 Everyone knew that any person who had gone before Bruce, had not returned alive. But Bruce trusted that the Lord was calling him to reach out to these Colombian Indians.
 During his time in the wild jungles of South America, Olson faced countless difficulties, but God was always by his side.
 In Bruchko, the name the Motilones gave Bruce, he was confronted with disease, grief, kidnapping, and torture, but his journey made an astonishing impact in the mission field.
 Bruce Olson was an amazing inspiration for me in his book. He showed me what blessings God will give us if we surrender ourselves to His great will.
 If you are interested in reading this book and finding out what happens as Bruce evangelizes to the Motilones, visit this link.

 I hope you enjoyed this book review! Please leave a comment on what other books you would like me to write about.

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