Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey everyone!

Because I didn’t include it in my bio, most of you probably don’t realize that I’m an MK, like Naomi. (MK = missionary kid) Yes, I LOVE being an MK!! I live in Kharkov, Ukraine, which is like...roughly a 20 hour drive from where Naomi lives. Actually, random fact, we drove the distance and farther a couple of weeks ago…not fun considering the fact that I was sick…normal sick AND car sick = NOT fun.

         Sorry, I got off subject. Anyway, I live in the suburbs, and I have a wonderful church, family, and dog. Oh, did I mention my dog? Yes, I know most of you really don’t care about some random dog that lives 25 hours away from you by plane, but I’m going to tell you about her anyway…hey, I’m the one posting! :D Anyway, my dog is a yellow (white…) Labrador, she’s three years old, and she’s a big fun-loving over-sized puppy. And she's like the most adorable dog in the fact, here’s a picture…

Anyway, to move to my favorite part which I shall try to include every Saturday: DIY!!! Yay! (However, they won’t always be DIY, they might be like useful tips…depends on whatever mood I’m in :P) Anyways, here it is.                                                                                       

For today will be just one helpful tip...

Find tiny lost items like earrings by putting a stocking over the vacuum hose.

Well, it's been fun posting! Sorry that it came out late today, but it's a long story, believe me. Anyway, till next Saturday (and hopefully earlier). <3 Bethany


  1. sorry bout the long space at the end, but I haven't totally figured out the ropes yet so I'll just have to remember next time...

  2. Your dog is so cute! What's her name? :)

    1. last name is Ferrari (it's a car) and Testerosa is a model of Ferrari so her name is Testerosa Ferrari...get it? (we call her Tessie)

  3. I fixed the "long space" at the end. :) Great first post, Bethany! Rachelle, her dog's name is Tessie... (Or is it spelled Tessy?)


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