Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hello, everyone!
Welcome to Lavender Patch - a haven of DIYs, Bible verses, and pure fun!
Here is a word from Naomi and Bethany:

Hey, all!
Here are some of my fave websites that y'all may not have heard of...
And the last one isn't really a website (it's a YouTube channel) but here it is anyway:
They are AWESOME!!! I LOVE the Piano Guys!!! Have fun with the websites!
Well, that's all I have to say for now! Till Saturdays!

And hello to you! This is Naomi - I'm a teen daughter of The King; I absolutely love reading, The Hunger Games,  photography, and weird things like unicycling. At this lovely little blog I'll try to post every Sunday. So excited! 
I'm so glad that you've stopped by Lavender Patch today - I hope that you have a fabulous time exploring!


Lavender Patch


  1. Naomi. HOW did this post get 63000 +1's?????????

    1. It must be a glitch, Dakota. Sometimes Blogger does that... :P I don't see it, though...

    2. Oh...that makes sense...that's just a LOT of +1's! BTW, have you launched the blog yet?

    3. Talent... Pure talent, Dakota, dear! JK, I have no clue whatsoever... Says +64394 to me - LOL!

  2. I reccommended this blog on mine- I wrote you a little review at the end of this post-
    keep up the great work! You girls are awesome <3 <3 Alex


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