Thursday, February 28, 2013

Really Loving Your Family!

Hello Everybody! Today I will be talking about loving your family!

God tells us in His Word to love other as we love ourselves. This applies to everybody. Even family. Now I know everybody always says "Oh! I love my family!" Which I am sure is true of all of you! But are you loving your family with the kind of love that God loves us with?
I know I love my family very much and I strive to show it to them. Even when I am angry! -  Loving your family is important in God's eyes! So I would just like to encourage you to love your family with Respect, Honor, and Trust. Even if you don't feel like it!
Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! I hope you enjoy these pictures of my family who I love!


                                     This is my cousin, Kahlaya and my cousin Jenna.
                                                 This is my little sister, Hannah.
                                     This is me and my cousin, Kahlaya.
                                        This is my best friend, Kathryn and My cousin Kahlaya


  1. so true. :) Love one another... I love that saying from Jesus. OOh I love that picture of your little sister! It reminds me of Fall. :)

    1. Thank you! I enjoy doing photo shoots of my family and friends.. :)

    2. That's a fun hobby! And you are so welcome. :)


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