Monday, May 13, 2013

One of the things I feel needs prayer.

Hi everybody! Hope you all are having a wonderful May!! I had a difficult time deciding what to write then it came to me.. I decided I would share with y'all one something I have been doing in my prayer life lately.

Now sometimes I find it nice to have one thing I pray for in particular, so lately what I pray about is... Actors and Actresses and Singers! Now I see actors that I highly appreciate as actors then I think "How sad is it that many of the popular celebs of our time are lost?!" This has burdened me beyond my own belief. So I decided whenever I thought about it that I would pray for them not only that they would be saved but for them to also make good decisions. Because these people need The Lord! I pray that maybe I would have a chance to be a witness to celebs and if I couldn't that God would bring somebody along in their life and lead them to The Lord! I also pray for the Christian celebs and that they would make good decisions and that they would stay true to God! Because I know it is very difficult to be a Christian in our world.. Can you imagine being a celebrity?!? My Goodness! Do they need prayer!!

Other ideas to pray for might be:
Friends of Friends,
Blog Followers,
Pinterest Followers,
Followers for any social network,
All Christians in general,
and last but not least...
Random people you see on the street!

These are all great things to pray for! I hope you enjoyed this, and do you have anybody you like to pray for?? I'd love to know! Blessings!!


  1. This was a wonderful post, Abigail! You are so right about celebrities and I have also been keeping them in my prayers. I have seen too many of them take the wrong path and there are so many actors/actresses/singers that I love, but not many who are walking with God.

    1. Thank you! I know I use to think that it would do nothing for me to pray for them.. But then I thought, all it takes is one prayer!! God want everybody saved, even the celebrities. :)

  2. I so agree. I used to love this Christian sister group until I saw how "lost" they had become that I felt hurt. I then stopped following them and to this day, I see the same pattern being followed by new celebs. So sad. :(

  3. I love your heart for the lord and others! Great post <3 Alex


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