Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doing Right in Any Situation!

             Hello everybody! Happy June!!
I am so sorry for not posting for almost a month! Forgive me?
  I was having trouble on deciding what to write about. While I was browsing Pinterest and I found a lovely quote,which then lead to this post!! 
                                Doing right in any situation!!

When I think about doing right, my mind immediatly goes to the lovely hymn "Do Right." (I wonder why... :P )
"Right is always right, and wrong is always wrong, and we must learn to seperate the two.

If you love the right, the Lord will give you light, So seek the right in everything you do.

Do right, 'till the stars fall! Do right, 'till the last call! Do right, since you love the Lord! Do right! Do right!!"

Christ rejoices when we do the right thing for Him!! In our society today it seems to be harder and harder to do the right thing!  

Blessings to you all! Remember to do right in any situation!!



  1. I love this and I so agree with you! :D

  2. So true! Thanks for posting. :D


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