Monday, July 29, 2013

My passion and the story behind it.

Hello everybody!! Hope y'all are having a lovely summer!
August 6th is a big milestone for me. It may not be for some people, but for me it's BIG. August 6th marks 4 years since I started piano lessons. Now, to most people, 4 years is not that big. But for me it is. Especially, since almost all of my friends have been playing for 5+ years. If you haven't noticed, I adore piano! It has been my passion long before I even started. What blesses me about piano is when I play it, it reminds me of The Lord and his unconditional love for me and the story of how he granted it to me.

It really is an amazing story of Gods love. My Dad had still been in school to become a pastor and he went to a church to fill in for the pastor while he was on vacation. This church was in a small store front, with about 20-25 regular church goers. There was one pianist. We had filled in for this church twice, and then The Lord spoke to my mom and dad and they decided that they needed to put one of us children in piano lessons, in case we where to end up in a church like this. Now, prior to this I had been begging (and I mean begging) for them to put me in piano lessons. So they called up my teacher and got me and audition.

Now at that point in time, we did not have a piano. My Aunt had graciously offered for me to come to her house every day and practice. Well, we where sitting in church one day and we got a text from my Aunt saying "Free piano coming your way. Details later". I was beyond excited!! A man in my Aunts church was trying to find somebody to give his piano to. My Aunt jumped at the chance and within the next few weeks I had a piano in our living room.

We had the audition and the week after the audition I started my journey. I loved it! I loved bringing my beginners book to church to show all my friends. It was my dream! I continued to study, with many bumps in the road. But I kept going. Now, the church that my dad had filled in for, the pastor retired. My Dad came for about 4 or 5 Sundays and filled in while they searched for a pastor. There was one Sunday where their pianist was sick. Somebody had told the head deacon that I could play and he had asked me if I could play just the right hand. Now, I play many things by ear. I make hymn arrangements all the time. Lucky for me I had made some arrangements for the pieces I had to play. So I tweaked them and I played for the church! It was quite the learning experience.

Anyways, many weeks had passed and my Dad had candidated for the position. The church voted yes. What a blessing!! Soon after we started, the church pianist got very sick and decided she couldn't play anymore. Which meant I had to! I was nervous, but kept in mind that I was serving The Lord! So I was picking the songs each week and I am still doing just that. I've had my laughs and my days where I just don't want to. But I know when I keep in mind that I'm serving The Lord, it makes the load a bit lighter. I have now been playing for the church for about 6 months. What blows my mind is the reason I started piano was because of that church and if I hadn't started that church would not have a pianist. :)

Well! That's my story!! Thanks for taking the time to read all that!!

P.S the picture is of my piano teacher and I playing a duet for a recital.


  1. Beautiful, Abby! I admire anyone who can play a musical instrument, and it's wonderful how you are using your talent for God's glory.

    1. Thank you so much, Esther! Your kind words mean a lot to me. :)

  2. That is such an awesome post! I really wish I knew how to play an instrument... It's so cool that my Uncle Chris is your teacher. :)


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