Sunday, September 22, 2013

Modest Fashion: a teenagers take!

Hello lovelies!! Yes, I haven't posted recently, but I've had "writers block". Please forgive me! :)
So, recently I have really been into styling modest fashion, so I figured I'd take a shot and try! ( the photos are at the bottom, because my iPod doesn't let me insert photos when I'd like to ) Please enjoy! I decided it would be fun to have my best friend, Mallen Roberts, join in on all the fun!! I've known Mallen since 2010 and we have been best friends ever since! She is also a photographer, so it also made for some great photos! ( go check out her Facebook page, Mallen Roberts Photography and give her a like!) We decided it would be good to have a casual outfit each, and a more dressy outfit. So here are our spins on modest fashion!! Now, we choose to dress modestly because The Lord says that our bodies are a temple of The Lord! He also says to honor him, and by not dressing modestly we are not honoring Him!! We hope you enjoy looking at our takes at modest fashion, and hope that we can show girls, that you can still dress modestly and stylishly!! :)


  1. Lovely!I especially like your more dressy outfit, Abby. And the owl necklace is adorable :).

  2. Y'all look so cute! Great post Abby. :)

  3. very cute. come check out my latest post!

  4. Absolutely loved the outfits because of the fact that they're cute, but not revealing. :D Thanks loads for posting! Really appreciate it.

  5. Thank you all. :) glad you all enjoyed it! :)


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