Wednesday, May 28, 2014

VOM // Serving the Persecuted Church

Hey everyone!

I am SO sorry, once again, that I haven't posted at all since, like, forever ago! :) I believe in my last post on this lovely blog...if you can remember back that far ;-) ...I told you about this exciting opportunity that I was looking forward to. Well, now I'm looking back on it, wishing it hadn't gone by so fast, and every day thanking God for the privilege that it was to serve with The Voice of the Martyrs. So, without further ado, I would like to share with you a little bit about my time there!

I spent 6 weeks this winter in the ruggedly beautiful state of Oklahoma enjoying some warmer weather than everyone back home was having to deal with. :) Those 6 weeks I volunteered at The Voice of the Martyrs--a ministry that serves Christians who are persecuted for their faith in over 70 countries around the world.

My jobs varied drastically from one day to the next, and some of them may seem insignificant, but everything that they can have volunteers do helps them put more money towards the field and I loved every minute of it, so it was a good deal all the way around! :)

-My favorite job, and the one I did most was helping with the newsletter. They send out over 400,000 newsletters each month, and around 850,000 every quarter. In the Mail Shop they have these really cool machines that stuff and seal the envelopes, but it takes 6 or 7 people to operate one machine. I really enjoyed helping out with that.
Other jobs included:
-signing receipts (they put a hand-written Scripture reference and short phrase on every donation receipt)
-writing thank you postcards to people donating for the first time
-putting DVD's about the life of Jesus into paper envelopes and writing which language they were in on each one
-putting Action Pack bags and instructions about what to put in them in envelopes to ship out
-recycling newsletters that were unable to be delivered
-packaging parachutes that they use to literally "drop the Gospel" into Marxist guerilla camps in Columbia
-mailing thousands of copies of "Tortured for Christ"--a book that you can request from VOM for free
-and I even got to fill up the vending machine! :)

Once a week we had chapel, and they also had guys from the International Missions team come in during the week to talk to us. These were always really good times of learning about VOM's work abroad, and the amazing things that God is doing in the persecuted church. It was an incredible blessing to spend time working at VOM, meeting new friends, and fellowshipping with other believers. I came home refreshed and built up in my faith, and was so thankful to see God at work all around me while I was there. I would definitely encourage anyone who is looking for a place to serve--check out Voice of the Martyrs. It's an incredible ministry, and I'm sure you will be blessed!

You can check out their website at , and feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the ministry.

God bless!

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