Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guest Post: Flower Girl - Kristina (Eccentric Owl)

 Hello, Lovely Lavender Patch readers! I'm Kristina, Naomi's aunt. I blog over at Eccentric Owl, and I'm so happy to be guest posting here today!

 Naomi mentioned that she would love to have me post about dressing stylishly while still keeping it modest and classy, so I wanted to talk about just how many options there are when you're looking to be modest yet still having great style! Sometimes it's definitely a struggle in shopping to find things that are decent; shirts and dresses can be frustratingly low cut or too short, and thrift-store finds are often a bit frumpy (for my taste, anyway!) But just a few easy modifications open up a world of possiblities!  

I tend to shop a lot from thrift stores, and over the years I've picked up on some things I can do in order to modify a dress or a skirt. Hemming has been my best friend-- this dress in particular used to be a few inches longer, a length which really didn't suit me that well. But with a quick session of pinning and snipping, it is now perfect for me!

Another option, for things that are too low cut, is taking an old camisole you no longer want, cutting out a piece from the front, and safety-pinning or sewing it behind the too-low neckline. Personally, I dislike too much layering, especially in the heat of summer! This dress cuts much to low to wear on its own, but I just happened to have a very old camisole that was ripped and ratty at the bottom. By saving just the front panel, I'm able to use it as a mock-cami for any dresses that are a bit too low, and make them much more wearable!

I've also noticed that graphic-print tee shirts (like the one I'm wearing here) tend to have a much higher neckline. And they're fun to wear, to boot!

I love thrift stores for their variety; as a plus, many of the skirts there are vintage, and longer lengths. And if they're too long, again... you can just hem them and they're wearable!


 And if you're looking to add personality to a simple dress, I've always been a fan of belts, brooches, and funky shoes (these houndstooth heels are among my favorites.) Adding the personal touch of your favorite necklace, an interesting belt, or even just some bright lipstick can really take what you're wearing to the next level, and by finding things that really appeal to you, you can make even the most common items look very personal.

That's all from me! I hope you are all having a fantastic summer, and a very wonderful day!



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  1. Hi! I love thrift stores too and wow, great job on capturing these photos at such gorgeous lightings!

    Every Day In Grace


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