Friday, December 5, 2014

Delight and Be

Hello everyone!
It's been a little while since I've written, but I am SO excited about today's post! :)

This past 9 months, I have been involved in a lovely group of 460 girls, called Delight.
Delight is a group of ladies, ages 13-21, pursuing Jesus Christ, and the creative arts.
So, photography or graphic design, music or theatre, dance or culinary arts, painting or interior design. It is a place to share our God given talents. It's a place to post your music videos, share your latest photography session, write down your dreams, share your heart, your prayer requests, etc..

                                                         Holly Kerchner, age 20.

I personally have been SO blessed by the girls in Delight, and I have made so many amazing friends. The best part? These girls LOVE Jesus SO much. I mean, really. You can't get much better then these lovely girls.
                                                            Kristi Blackwell, age 15.

Erin Kass, ( one of our leaders ) worded it SO well.
"Delight is ‘home’. It’s the place where creative girls, ages 13-21 can experience the unconditional love of their Heavenly Daddy. Being a teenager isn’t easy and it can be especially difficult when you’re a ‘creative weirdo’ that doesn’t fit the mold. But in Delight, ‘weird’ is the norm. Creatives are free to be who God created them to be: unique, quirky, silly, and fun daughters of the King.
It’s a community where girls encourage one another to go farther in their relationships with God. It’s a safe place to share dreams and goals and to be cheered on by fellow young Christian creative women who are in the same stages of life. The relationships that have formed through retreats and our online FB group are supernaturally incredible." ( You can check out her full blog post here: )

                                                                Allie Rittle, age 18.

Now, this is where I need YOUR help. We are trying to raise 10,000$ by DECEMBER 31ST, so Delight can become a non-profit.
God has already RICHLY blessed us with 70% of that!! But, we still have a little ways to go!
Mallen Roberts, age 15.

If you would like to donate, you can donate here:
Even if it's just 10$. Every penny helps!! If you can't donate, PLEASE pray!! Pray that God would provide ALL of the funds! :)
 If you want to, SHARE THIS!!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions about Delight, please don't hesitate to ask!! :)
Have a lovely day!


  1. Go Abigail! So thrilled so see you promoting Delight. It is such an inspiration in my life. <3

    1. Thank you, Acacia! :) God is doing great things with Delight, and I had to share my excitement for it! :D

  2. Even though I don't post on the Delight page often, the other girls are such an encouragement to me! Thank you for introducing me to this lovely ministry!

    1. You're so welcome!! I'm so glad you're involved with it!! :)


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