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 Hi there! My name is Abigail Banks. I am a PK who is crazy about the Lord! I have 5 siblings who I love a lot. I have a passion for piano and photography. I accepted the Lord as my savior when I was 7 and have been serving Him ever since! Without HIM I am nothing. Well, that's about it! Have a great day!



I'm Keri, a 17 year old farm girl from rural Ohio. I serve an amazing God, Who also happens to be my Father, my Savior, my Best Friend, and much, much more! I love Him so much, and it is such a privilege that He has called me to walk with Him! The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful family, and many dear friends. My Dad is an awesome farmer, and my Mom is a great farmer's wife! I have two extraordinary younger brothers who are farm boys in every sense of the word! We also have a little white cotton ball of a house dog named Louise. She is a story all of her own! Being home-schooled  and raised on a farm, I don't consider myself what you might call the average teenage girl. I love to drive grain truck, ride in the tractor, and put in a good days work. My favorite smells aren't perfumes or candles, but rather fresh tilled dirt and newly cut hay. I also love being barefooted outside! Some of my hobbies are baking, gardening, crocheting, sewing, weaving, playing piano, reading, and singing, and doing youth group activities. I really enjoy being involved in service/missions projects. I will be posting on Wednesdays with Scripture to encourage you in your faith, and any other fun things I come up with!
In Christ,



Hello! My name is Naomi and I'm a missionary kid living in the beautiful sea port of Odessa. I'm a daughter of the King, rejoicing in His blessings every moment.
I am fifteen years old and a home-schooled sophomore. I have a wonderful, loving family - two brothers, two sisters, and the best parents in the world. I enjoy hot tea, autumn, exploring and traveling, playing piano, books, and writing.
My hope is in Jesus.



Lovely Lavender Patch was created with young women and girls in mind. We want to-
  • Encourage them to live pure and honorable lives 
  • Help them use biblical principles in daily life
  • Show them ways to bless others through their skills and talents

We hope you'll enjoy visiting our blog and that you stop by again soon!


  1. your blog is like tumblr! Love it!


    1. Oh, thank you! I actually have a Tumblr blog also - crumpetswithtea.tumblr.com


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